Our mission is to be the leading innovator developing and delivering adhesive, gripping, fastening and stabilizing products and solutions.


Our vision is to keep things in their place to help people stay in control.

Certified for Skin Safety

Our Setex grip product materials recently passed ISO 10993-10 Certification – Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, Part 10:Tests for Irritation & Skin Sensitization. Having this credential means these high friction microfiber materials have third-party approval as products that can safely contact skin, even when wet and oily.

Product Characteristics

Our Setex material allows products like Nose Pads for Eyewear to secure your glasses better than ever, and Anti-Slip Grip Pads to give you a firm hold on everyday objects like your smartphone, tools or sporting and gaming gear. Setex GeckoGrip’s anti-slipping properties are so strong that when the material comes into contact with your skin, even if it’s wet and oily, you still feel comfortable and in control..

Technical Info

Setex is a high friction microfiber surface inspired by the microscopic hairs or setae on a gecko’s feet. The material is ideal for Nose Pads for Eyewear, Anti-Slip Grips and other products that come into contact with your skin to enhance your comfort. Setex GeckoGrip’s advantages over other materials are that it retains 70% of its original friction in wet conditions, and 30% in oily conditions. Competing materials can lose 90% of their friction in the same conditions. It’s also dry and residue-free, which means you get superior gripping or friction without the messiness of other materials.


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