They last about 4-6 weeks if the glasses are properly cleaned with alcohol before application, but it will depend on many factors including how often the glasses are worn and cleaned, the material of the glasses, and environmental conditions.. You can replace each one as they fall off, as they rarely fall off at the same time.
Setex nose pads will not work on every style and material of eyeglasses. They stick to hard, plastic frames the best. We detail in the product pages the types of glasses and materials with which our nose pads are designed to work well.
Setex Grip nose pads are designed for full frame plastic glasses and sunglasses only. We detail in the product pages the types of glasses and materials with which our nose pads are designed to work well.
Since the pads will mostly contain face oils, makeup, dirt and dust, the easiest way to clean the nose pads is with mild soap and water. Be careful of hot water, as it can weaken the adhesive on the nose pad. Pat dry with a cloth, being careful not to rub too hard and pull off the nose pad.
Our nose pads come in three thicknesses: standard 1.0mm, ultra-thin 0.6mm and thick 1.8mm. Depending on the shape of your face and glasses and whether you are looking for a more seamless look, you may choose one over the other.
The strong adhesive on the nose pads will hold up well with mild soap and warm water. It is critical to clean the glasses with alcohol wipe or swab before the nose pads are attached for the first time.
Please check the refund information on the item page.
These pads are not made to stack on top of each other as the microfibers are on one side. If you need thicker pads, please try our Thick 1.8mm nose pads, which are almost twice as thick as the standard 1.0mm ones.
These nose pads are made of a TPE material that has been ISO-approved for safe skin contact with no irritation.
They are not designed for wired frame glasses, as the nose pads are likely to fall off easily.
The nose pads do not leave noticable marks on your makeup but they can pick up traces of the makeup. The nose pads can easily be washed with mild soap and water.
Yes, our nose pads will fit full frame plastic glasses for kids. They can be trimmed with scissors if necessary to fit on a smaller nose bridge.
The adhesive will hold up in any climate and the gripping side will work well in any temperature, even on wet or oily skin.
The adhesive is strong for everyday use, but is also designed to be easily removed when the pads need to be replaced. The adhesive will not leave a residue, and it is recommended to clean the glasses with rubbing alcohol before new pads are placed on the glasses.
These are designed to fit full frame plastic glasses and apply to the bridge area of the glasses. They can be trimmed to size if needed, but they are small and can be difficult to cut.
Yes, while the adhesive will hold strong on eyewear, they are easily removable and do not leave any adhesive residue.
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